Outside Music comprises an independent label roster of award-winning artists, a management company, and one of the leading independent distributers in Canada.

The Outside Music label formed in 2001 in order to release albums by some of the finest Canadian and international artists. Early releases such as The Sadies’ fourth album Stories Often Told, The Super Friendz’ Love Energy, and the Billy Bragg compilation Must I Paint You A Picture built a rock solid foundation. Since then the label has worked on many successful award-winning releases for artists such as Jill  Barber, The Weather Station, Rose Cousins, Aidan Knight, Justin Rutledge, Evening Hymns, and more.  

Outside Music’s distribution division has grown to be one of the most well-respected independent distributers in Canada. In 2018, Outside Music Distribution and Select Distribution formed a strategic alliance, merging their sales and distribution services to enhance their impact in the Canadian independent music landscape. 

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Outside Music continues to flourish with a roster comprised of songwriters making fantastic music, unconstrained by genre or style. 

First and foremost, we are fans and unshakeable supporters of the music community.

Great music. Nice people.